Ancient Inscriptions from Israel / Palestine

Ancient Inscriptions from Israel / Palestine

Free and accessible inscriptions and their English translations of Israel/Palestine from the Persian period through the Islamic conquest (ca. 500 BCE - 640 CE)

A Jewish Gladiator?

Hewn from the ample limestone of Galilee, the Bet She‘arim necropolis houses twenty-one catacombs and nearly 300 inscriptions. In 1973, Benjamin Mazar excavated one such inscription (BETH0100), dated to between 200 and 350 CE: Greek Text: Γερμανὸς Ἰσακίου Παλμυρηνοῦ Translation: Germanus, son of Isaac, from Palmyra… Read More

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Listen to project director and scholar Michael Satlow introduce the project and how to search and explore the inscriptions archive.

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