July 2023 Update

Those of us at the Inscriptions of Israel/Palestine have been hard at work lately and we’re exciting that everyone will get to see the fruit of our labor in the coming weeks. You may have already noticed the redesigned website, which we encourage you to explore. This also means we are at a new URL (inscriptionsisraelpalestine.org), though any links to old web addresses should forward to the current one (let us know if they don’t!). We have also been posting weekly on our Instagram account, if you want bite-sized bits of ancient epigraphy as part of your weekly schedule along with notifications about special updates.

We have added 87 inscriptions in in the past two months, which are all linked below. Perusing our these new inscriptions, you will encounter a number of highlights. What was important to the people of Israel/Palestine in antiquity? One inscription from Odoba celebrates the construction of a dam under the Nabataean king Rabbel II.  An amulet from Tyre involves a Christian prayer and a magical formula that seeks to relieve its holder of ophthalmia. Also interesting is an unusual Christian church mosaic from Khirbet el-Shubeika that, rather than dating according to the year of the current emperor or a local calendar, instead refers to the creation of the world! This is quite unusual for Christian inscriptions.

We’ve also added images for many existing inscriptions. Beth0186, einf0001, jeru0583, jeru0592, and reho0014 now all have images for your perusal. We’re also excited to work with colleagues from different institutions to make other ancient discoveries more accessible to the public. Michael Eisenberg has provided us with many photographs from Susita/Hippos (susi0001, susi0003, susi0008, susi0010, susi0011, susi0012, susi0013, susi0016), colleagues at the University of Pennsylvania have let us use a gorgeous photograph of bshe0020, and our own Dr. Chris Zeichmann took a photograph of mare0205.

Finally, we have been hard at work, especially under the leadership of Dr. Christine Roughan, creating word lists and rich indexing.  Stay tuned for implementation.  In the meantime, you can see our work (beta version) here.


Entirely new inscriptions (in alphabetical order of location):

Horvat Arbel

ARBL0001: 5th-6th c. Amulet. Magic.


ARCH0006: Hellenistic or Roman. Sundial. Label.


ASHK0016: 4th-7th century CE. Marble block. Dedicatory.

Ben Shemen

SHM0001: 1 c. BCE-1c. CE. Ossuary. Epitaph.

Horvat ‘Eleq

ELEQ0001: 1st century BCE. Amphora handle.


HADT0001: 6th century CE. Inscription. Mosaic.

Horvat Hermeshit

HERM0001: Unknown. Inscription. Mosaic.


JERU0027: Jerusalem. 20 BCE to 70 CE. Ossuary. Funerary.
JERU0638: 30-70 CE. Burial Chamber Wall. Funerary, Graffito.
JERU0639: 460 C.E. Slab. Dedicatory.
JERU0640: 7th c. Mosaic. Building.
JERU0641: Mid 8th C. Mosaic. Dedicatory.
JERU0642: Late 4th – Early 5th c. Tombstone. Epitaph.
JERU0643: 400-549 CE. Monument. Epitaph.
JERU0644: Late 5th-6th c. Table. Dedicatory.
JERU0645: 614-634 CE. Plaque. Building.  
JERU0646: Byzantine. Wall. Graffiti.  
JERU0647: 7th C. Wall. Graffiti.  
JERU0648: late 6th c. Mosaic. Building.  
JERU0649: 592 CE. Slab. Epitaph.  
JERU0650: Byzantine. Mosaic. Invocation.  
JERU0651: 6th c. Wall. Verse.  
JERU0652: 616-626 CE. Wall. Verse.  
JERU0653: 4th to 6th century CE. Clay stamps. Signatures of workers.  
JERU0654: 586-602 CE. Column Capitals. Imperial Dedication.  
JERU0655: 4th c. CE. Wall. Graffiti.  
JERU0656: 21 October, 614-629 CE. Mosaic. Epitaph.  
JERU0657: 549/50 or 564/65 CE. Wall. Dedicatory.  
JERU0658: 400-599 CE. Mosaic Pavement Panel. Commemorative.  
JERU0659: Second Temple Period. Stone ossuary lid fragment. Funerary, Financial.
JERU0660: 500-650 CE. Round plaster medallion. Psalms Verse.  
JERU0680: 219–210 BCE. Stamped amphora handle. Label.  
JERU0681: 203–199 BCE. Stamped amphora handle. Label.  
JERU0683: 200–145 BCE. Stamped amphora handle. Label.  
JERU0688: 196–190 BCE. Stamped amphora handle. Label.  

Kafr Nfah

KAFR0012: c. 300 CE. Boundary Stone. Place Marker.

Khan el-Ahmar

KAHM0001: Byzantine. Unidentifiable Object. Funerary (Epitaph).  
KAHM0001: Byzantine. Unidentifiable Object. Funerary (Epitaph).  

Khirbet Aristobulias

KHAR0001: 701 CE. Mosaic. Building.  

Khirbet el-Beiyudat

KHBE0001: 450-500 CE. Mosaic. Invocation.  

Khirbet Damun

KHDA0001: 6th c. Mosaic. Building.  

Khirbet ed Deir

KHDE0001: 450-550 CE. Mosaic. Prayer.   

Khirbet Ein Dab

KHED0001: Byzantine. Mosaic. Invocation.

Khirbet esh-Shubeika

KHES0001: 785-802 CE. Mosaic Pavement. Building.
KHES0002: 5th Century CE. Bronze Oil Lamp. Dedicatory.

Khirbet Kafr Jul

KHKJ0001: Byzantine. Lintel. Acclamation.
KHKJ0001: Byzantine. Lintel. Acclamation.


KHUR0004: 581-583 CE. Mosaic Pavement. Acclamation, building, invocation, prayer, signature of worker.  

Khirbat el-Mird

KMIR0001: Byzantine. Wall. Graffiti.  
KMIR0002: Byzantine. Wall. Prayer.


LYDD0002: Fourth-seventh centuries CE. Inscription. Column.  
LYDD0003: Late Roman or Byzantine. Plaque. Burial inscription.  
LYDD0004: Roman. Unknown. Funerary.

Horvat Ma’on

MAON0002: Byzantine. Capital. Label.  

Tell Mas’ud

MASU0001: 400-350 BCE. Copper tube shape. Dedicatory, offering.  

Nestorian Hermitage

NEST0001: Byzantine. Mosaic. Building.


ODOB0028: 106 C.E. Slab. Dedicatory.  
ODOB0029: 25 B.C.E-100 C.E. Slab. Dedicatory.  
ODOB0030: Early Roman, Slab. Dedicatory.  
ODOB0032: 8 BCE, Slab. Dedicatory.   
ODOB0033: Early Roman. Slab. Unknown.
ODOB0034: 300 BCE – 106 CE. Slab. Funerary.  
ODOB0035: 300 BCE – 106 CE. Lintel. Acclamation.  
ODOB0036: Byzantine. Slab. Dedicatory.  
ODOB0037: Byzantine. Slab. Dedicatory.  
ODOB0039: Byzantine. Slab. Dedicatory.  
ODOB0040: 88-89 C.E. Unidentifiable Object. Acclamation.  
ODOB0042: 98-99 C.E. Slab. Acclamation.

Horvat Qasra

QASR0008: Byzantine. Arch. Graffiti.  
QASR0009: Byzantine. Arch. Graffiti.  
QASR0010: Byzantine. Wall. Prayer.  
QASR0011: Byzantine. Column. Acclamation.


RAML0001: Byzantine. Signaculum. Acclamation.


SIRI0001: mid 6th c. Lintel. Building.


SUHM0001: Aug 555 CE. Mosaic Floor. Dedicatory.


TAMR0001: June 725. Mosaic. Building.

Tel Dor

TDOR0006: second century CE. Amulet. Magical label.  


TYRE0001: Late Roman/Early Byzantine. Amulet. Apotropaic.

Wadi Haggag

SINA0263: First-fourth centuries CE. Road Inscriptions. Graffiti.  
SINA0264: First-fourth centuries CE. Road Inscriptions. Graffiti.  
SINA0265: First-fourth centuries CE. Road Inscriptions. Graffiti.  
SINA0266: First-fourth centuries CE. Road Inscriptions. Graffiti.  
SINA0267: First-fourth centuries CE. Road Inscriptions. Graffiti.  
SINA0268: First-fourth centuries CE. Road Inscriptions. Graffiti.  
SINA0269: First-fourth centuries CE. Road Inscriptions. Graffiti.  

Khirbet Yattir

YATT0001: 5th Century CE. Mosaic Pavement. Building.